Support and resources to help you advocate for your rights and wishes.

About the Service

At The Advonet Group, we are able to help you to speak up about your rights and wishes. This is called self-advocacy. We have some tools to help you to get your voice heard when you are using services or not getting the support you need.

We can all find ourselves at some point in our lives struggling to communicate what we want, don’t want or asking for help to understand. This may be due to being in a difficult situation, having a learning disability, mental health difficulty or a language barrier. Having the knowledge and ability to self-advocate can empower people and lead to positive life changes.

Clients who request advocacy can be empowered with the help of an advocate. However, in some circumstances, providing the support and tools to self-advocate can result in clients:

  • Understanding how they feel
  • Having the ability to make their own decisions
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Communicate their feelings
  • Achieving their goals

We have made a video, explaining what self-advocacy is and how it works:


Unit A4, Unity Business Centre,

26 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS7 1AB

Key Contact

Farzana Jabar, Health Complaints Advocacy Engagement Coordinator
[email protected]

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What Does the Service Do

Who is the Service For?

The project is for adults who live in the Leeds area who wants or needs to speak up for themselves.
Our factsheets are specific to people who live in Leeds.

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