At The Advonet Group, we have many different volunteering roles to help you build skills, build confidence and help to make people’s voices heard.

We have a number of volunteer roles across the organisation. They range from advocacy to helping govern our inclusion projects.

Here is a list of the roles we have:

  • Trustee: At the Advonet Group, we have a board of trustees that meet every two months. The trustee’s role is to ensure we are delivering the best possible service for everyone we work with and are following advocacy principles
  • CHANGE Committee member: Our CHANGE project has a committee of people who help to make sure it is working properly. Some of the committee members are disabled
  • Leeds Autism AIM Volunteer Mentor: The Leeds Autism AIM service pairs a volunteer mentor with an autistic adult (mentee). Mentors meet regularly with mentees to help them set and achieve life goals
  • Leeds Autism AIM Steering Group member: The Leeds Autism AIM team’s Steering Group helps to make sure the project is working as it should be. It has a say in what it should be doing and shaping its’ future work. Most of the group are autistic adults
  • Leep1 Board member: Our Leep1 team have a board that helps to set its direction and ensure members have a voice in how it works. Some of the board members have a learning disability
  • Learning Disability Citizen Advocate: A volunteer Citizen Advocate is paired up with someone with a learning disability in an advocacy match. The two people in an advocacy match meet regularly and the Citizen Advocate helps their advocacy partner by ensuring they feel supported to speak up for their rights
  • Self-Advocacy Focus Group member: Our Self-Advocacy service has a focus group of volunteers. They help to make sure that its’ training and resources are accessible and useful. They meet once every two months

Volunteering Vacancies

At the moment, we have volunteering vacancies for the following roles:

  • Leeds Autism AIM Volunteer Autism Mentor
  • Leeds Autism AIM Peer Support Volunteer
  • Learning Disability Citizen Advocate
  • Café Leep Café Assistant
  • Leep1 Friendship Group supporter

If you are interested in any of the roles on the page, please fill in the application form below and email it to [email protected].
For any general enquiries about volunteering, please email us or call our office on 0113 244 0606.