Leeds People First are a self-advocacy group run by people with Learning Disabilities.

Read about them, Café Leep and Abilities Not Disabilities (AND).


At Leep1 – Leeds People First, we help our members to speak up for themselves and their community. We offer a wide range of activities that improve skills, build confidence and wellbeing.

We are passionate about campaigning for the rights of people with disabilities. Leep1’s vision is to create a better life for people with learning disabilities so they are treated fairly, feel valued and can have the lives they choose.

Café Leep

At Cafe Leep, we have a lovely community space for people to meet as a drop-in and come try our delicious menu. We can provide breakfast and lunch whenever we’re open.

We provide training placements to adults with a learning disability who are supported to gain catering qualifications and find work if they feel ready.

Abilities Not Disabilities

Abilities Not Disabilities (AND) Clothes is a not-for-profit clothing brand with social purpose. We are a creative enterprise of Leep1 that supports our members to flourish and gain entrepreneurial and employment skills.

Our project provides a supportive space for people to flourish, grow as both individuals and business owners while improving mental health and wellbeing through the arts.