We have created a number of free self-advocacy resources. They can help you to speak for yourself and your rights when trying to access services.

The tools we have include:

  • A meeting planner
  • A phone call planner
  • A note-taking document for important meetings and events
  • A complaints template
  • Factsheets on important areas including housing, debt, benefits and homelessness

To download the resources, please click on the buttons below.

Self-Advocacy tools

How to use our Meeting Planner

We have made a video. It shows you how to use our Meeting Planner document, step-by-step. To watch the video, please click on it.

Speak4Yourself Card

This is a free card that can help you to communicate your needs. It is for anyone who finds it hard to say what they need in difficult times. To download a dummy copy and a form, please click on the buttons below.

Leeds Autism Alert Card

Our Leeds Autism AIM team have worked with West Yorkshire Police and other local organisations to produce a free autism alert card. This is for autistic adults (aged 18+) living in the Leeds area.

The card can help to communicate needs when stressed, anxious or otherwise unable to say what they are verbally. To apply for a card, please click on the button below:

A hand holding up a blank card

Our Leeds Autism AIM team have also made plenty of other self-advocacy tools for autistic adults. They include:

  • A communication profile
  • A social profile
  • Daily and weekly planners
  • A self-care plan
  • A meal planner
  • Resources from their Health Access Project to communicate health needs

To see their tools, please click on the button below.