Equality, Diversity and LGBTQ+

The Advonet Group values and respects the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and knowledge that staff, volunteers and job applicants bring. All our staff undertake mandatory training on both Equality and Diversity and LGBTQ+ Awareness to increase awareness and understanding of discrimination both in and out of the workplace, with a view to reduce the impact this has on our colleagues and the wider community.

This creates a workplace where staff feel comfortable to be themselves and empowers them, and our service users, to use their unique experiences to inform their work.

All our policies contribute to our overall aims around equality and diversity. Key policies, such as those relating to employment and service delivery, are specifically designed to promote equality of opportunity and protect people against unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

We collect and analyse data relating to recruitment and access to services so we can identify areas of inequality and take appropriate actions to address these.