Volunteer Strategy – 2021-23

Date published: Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Volunteer Strategy – 2021-23

After consulting with our volunteers, we at The Advonet Group have produced a Volunteer Strategy. It is a document that covers a number of aspects of volunteering with us, including:

  • How we intend to support all volunteers
  • Our volunteering values
  • Sharing our ambitions for the future
  • How we want to make our volunteers feel valued

This strategy is for 2021 to 2023 and was developed by our Self-Advocacy Manager and Volunteer Coordinators for Citizen Advocacy, Leeds Autism AIM and Leep1.

About the Strategy, Chair of our Board of Trustees Peter Gruen said: “We think of Volunteering in the Advonet Group as the lifeblood of our activities, it is the golden thread which runs through all we do. We are very appreciative of everything our volunteers do because we know it makes a real difference”.

Download a copy

To download a free copy of our Volunteer Strategy, please click on the links below for PDF and Jpeg versions.

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