Our Turn to Us project provides peer advocates to help parents be heard in meetings. Peer advocates are trained volunteers who are parents themselves with experience of going through social services meetings.

The peer advocate can help parents, including those who:

  • Have a learning disability or learning disabilities
  • Are autistic
  • Have mental health difficulties
  • Have been through or have an addiction

This project is run by our Self-Advocacy and CHANGE teams.

What our Peer Advocates do

A Peer Advocate can help you to get your voice heard in meetings. These could be:

  • With social services
  • Through child protection meetings, or
  • In child in need meetings with social workers

Peer Advocates can help you to find your voice in these meetings. They will listen to what you say and make sure you and your child or children’s rights are upheld.

If you are a parent in Leeds and would like a Peer Advocate, we can help. To ask for one, please email us at [email protected] or call our office on 0113 244 0606.