At the time of writing, around one in four of our workforce are neurodivergent. Colleagues with conditions including ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyscalculia are part of our team. Almost every project area and staff team has at least one neurodivergent colleague.

To make sure everyone feels included and able to work without their needs being overlooked, The Advonet Group strives to be a neurodivergent-friendly workplace. We do this in many ways, from making tweaks to our office, like dimmable lighting in one room, to providing equipment and apps for working from home such as text-to-speech software.

Other ways we try to be neurodivergent-friendly include:

  • Supporting colleagues to get Access to Work funding to pay for apps and other tools to make it easier to do their jobs
  • Running Peer Support chats in Microsoft Teams
  • Having a quieter office with a dimmable light
  • Communicating with neurodivergent colleagues using their preferred method e.g. email, video call
  • A commitment to continually learning and improving
  • Allowing for breaks after meetings
  • Having mental health first aiders

Our staff’s thoughts

Some of our neurodivergent colleagues have shared their thoughts with us on what makes a workplace more accessible for them.

“Everyone is very open with communication. You can contribute to meetings, discussions and ideas in a multitude of different ways that suit you individually. I find that a lot of things that would “hold me back” in my last job are celebrated here.”

Nelly – Peer Development Worker, Bradford and Craven Autism AIM

“Being able to work from home when needed is really useful, especially when the commute to and from the office can be overwhelming.”

Luke – Communications and Network Officer and Autism AIM Information Officer

“The Advonet Group is one of the only few places that I’ve really felt at home. You really understand reasonable adjustments and want to make sure everything is accessible as possible. I feel welcomed and when I ask for something that I might need help with, I don’t feel like I’m a burden, but more valued.”

Cheryl – Project Worker, CHANGE

“Here, there is the freedom to be yourself, meaning that for the first time, it has given me the feeling that I can possibly forge friendships with the people I work with as I am not so out of social energy from masking.”

Katie – Universal Advocate

“I’ve never worked somewhere so generally and neurally diverse and it’s brilliant!”

Ellie – Office Administrator

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