CHANGE, part of The Advonet Group, are looking for someone to redesign their website to help promote what they do, including training and Easy Read resources. As part of that, we have put together a web redesign brief with more information.

Overview of the organisation and current website

CHANGE are working to build an inclusive society where people with learning disabilities are treated equally. The work is comprised of a range of small inclusion projects and initiatives alongside an Easy Read service which is a product/service for organisations who need to provide accessible information – primarily to people with learning disabilities – but also other groups who would benefit from simplified information. Their current website can be found at

The current website is not clear on who the organisation is and what its key expertise/offer is. The Easy Read service is one that is becoming a key focus for the organisation but that isn’t clear on the website. It’s also very unclear what opportunity there is for users to tap into this expertise/access it/purchase it.

Objectives of website re-design

  • Clear messaging around the purpose of CHANGE and its relationship to wider Advonet Group.
  • Clear messaging around the USP of Easy Read (there are competitors and we need to showcase our approach and why clients should choose us – including how we help them meet new requirements for accessible information per new regulations).
  • Streamlined and professional access to online resources – image bank and training content – via a set of well-articulated bundles/subscriptions.
  • Undertake SEO work to ensure that CHANGE is easily found by users searching for easy read content.

Target Audience

  • Charities.
  • Statutory services (NHS, social care, police etc).
  • Legal services.
  • Potentially a wider audience now that new regulations are in place mandating access to accessible information across wider parts of private sector.


  • CHANGE comes up very highly on a search for ‘easy read’ content.
  • Clear articulation of Easy Read – who, how, why.
  • Clear range of subscription bundles with streamlined journey from landing page to purchase to gaining access to content.

Technical aspects/functionality

  • A user-friendly CMS such as WordPress that we can keep updated ourselves including ongoing maintenance and updating of an image library/database.
  • E-commerce and access to paid training content – needs to be integrated, streamlined and user friendly. Need to discuss whether to host all this on the website directly (e.g. via WooCommerce integration or similar API) or link through to a knowledge management system where you can purchase your subscription e.g. SubHub.
  • Events page – or link out to Eventbrite?
  • Improved accessibility features and translation tool (like on other Advonet Group websites).
  • Links to social media feeds.
  • CHANGE team must be able to update the website directly (e.g. add new images etc) rather than relying on web hosts to make changes.


We have allocated a web redesign budget of up to £5,000.

Indicative Timeline

Action Timeline
Appointment of designerBy end of April
Project kick offStart of May
Wireframes or other form of draft design structure createdMid-May
Content written and shared with agencyEnd of May
First iteration of website producedMid-June
Final iteration of website producedEnd of June
Website launchMid-July

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest/brief proposals including financial quote and anticipated timeline (not more than three to four pages) are invited by 9am on Wednesday 10th April. These should be sent to Sarah Smith, CHANGE Team Manager: [email protected].

Follow up conversations to discuss shortlisted proposals will be held on Friday 19th April (TBC).