We have finalised the agenda for our upcoming Advocacy Together event, with some exciting guest speakers and talks lined up. People from small charities in Leeds will show how advocacy has supported the communities they work with in innovative ways.

At the event, we will have guest speakers from MEMEC and Lippy People, who received grants from the Advocacy Development Fund last year. They will share their own experiences of how the grants helped them to build on their existing advocacy work.

We will also have speakers from our own organisation. Owen Walker, Leeds Autism AIM Manager, will give an overview of how the project has helped to fill in gaps in advocacy provision. Kerry Shipley, one of our Lead Advocates and our Coproduction Lead, will talk about coproduction principles, benefits and examples of approaches.

Relaunching the Leeds Advocacy Network

Farzana Jabar, our Universal Deputy Advocacy Manager, will introduce the Leeds Advocacy Network. She will give information on what the Network is, who it’s for and how to join, with forms available for any organisations in Leeds who want to be members.

The event will also see an announcement about round two of grants from the Advocacy Development Fund and how local organisations can apply.

There will be a group activity about recognising the diverse models of advocacy. It will ask participants what advocacy is, are they doing advocacy without realising it, how it can be more person-led and what the challenges are. Refreshments and lunch will be provided, while there will be a break in the middle of the event.

To download a copy of the agenda, please click on the button below.

Book your place

Advocacy Together will be on Thursday 20th July from 10am-1pm. It will be at the St George’s Conference Centre at this address:

St George’s Conference Centre
60 Great George Street

Information on parking and directions to the venue can be found at this link: https://www.stgeorgescentreleeds.org.uk/

To book a place, please click on the button below:

For any questions about the event, please email us at [email protected] or call our office on 0113 244 0606 and ask for Farzana or Philip.