This week (Monday 26th October-Friday 30th October 2020) is Advocacy Awareness Week. Every year, advocacy organisations across the country talk about how advocacy is about helping people to stand up for their rights. This year is no different.

At The Advonet Group, ensuring that your rights are met and your voice is heard is at the heart of what we do. During the Coronavirus pandemic, this is more important than ever.

Operating Principles
The National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) have put together a document saying how advocacy services in England and Wales should work during and after the pandemic. It has five key principles, which are:

  1. Making sure that people are heard, and their rights are respected
  2. Communicating effectively and safely meeting with people in person
  3. Making sure that people can access advocacy
  4. Taking positive anti-discrimination action
  5. Working together to promote systemic change

We are one of many advocacy services to have signed this pledge and are proud to have done so. Throughout this week and beyond, we aim to do all of those to ensure that you are heard and respected when accessing any of our services.

To read about those principles in more detail, please click on the button below to download a PDF copy of them.