The Advonet Group’s next monthly Focus Group meeting will be a coproduction workshop. This is where we will put something together with you, asking for your input on how it should work. Doing this is called coproduction.
At the meeting, we are also looking to recruit people in the local community who have used our services to do a separate session on how we can be more inclusive of people with different ethnicities, heritages and skin colour. This is based on work we have done with our internal Staff and Trustee Involvement Group.

When is the meeting?

The Focus Group meeting is on Monday 2nd November from 2pm to 3pm. It will be held on the Zoom app. You can join in by using it on your web browser or the app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
If you would like to join, please email us at [email protected]. Then, closer to the date, we will email you the meeting ID and passcode you need to help you log into it.
Alternatively, you can call our office on 0113 244 0606 and we will pass on the details to you that way.
If you have never used Zoom before, People in Action have produced a video guide. You can watch it at this link: