From today onwards, Advonet is now known as the Advonet Group. This involves using a slightly different logo and using different words about what we do. In this post, we explain why we are doing this light-touch rebrand and what it means for you.

Why the name change?
The reason why we are now called the Advonet Group is that we offer more than just independent advocacy. We have four unique user-led/co-led ‘satellite’ services that are part of the Group – Leeds Autism AIM, Asking You!, Leep1/Café Leep and CHANGE.

We want to promote the idea that the four services are part of the Group as a whole. Doing this will mean that the four projects work a little more closely together, and more closely with our main advocacy service.

The satellite services will share their knowledge and experience of autism and/or learning disabilities with our advocates. In return, our advocates will share their skills in helping to make people’s voices heard with Leep1, AIM, CHANGE and Asking You!

What it means for AIM, Asking You!, CHANGE and Leep1
It won’t mean too much change for our satellite services. What it does mean is:

  • Saying in publicity material – websites, leaflets, flyers, posters, social media, videos – that each service is part of the Advonet Group
  • Making governance of each service – Leep1 and CHANGE’s boards and Leeds Autism AIM’s Steering Group – a little more consistent

Each service will keep their current branding and logos. Their work will remain unchanged. This means that there will be no difference to how AIM, Asking You!, Leep1 or CHANGE work.

What it means for our branding
There won’t be a lot of change to our branding, besides the new logo. Our website address and social media handles will stay the same. Our staff members and teams’ email addresses will remain the same too.

If you have any questions about branding or anything else to do with our new name, please email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to answer them.