The People’s Parliament is a meeting where adults with learning disabilities in Leeds can say what services in Leeds should do for them. It feeds into the Leeds Learning Disability Partnership Board. The next meeting will be talking about health in different ways.
At the meeting, there will be:

  • A talk about healthy recipes and what you think of them
  • A healthy living story from Gavin
  • Something about annual health checks from Julie from Your Health Matters
  • Bernie and Susan talking about their experiences of health checks

There will also be a singalong at the end. We will be singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”!

  • Julie from Your Health Matters will be speaking earlier. This is because she has to leave at 11am.

When is the meeting?

The People’s Parliament will meet on Tuesday 8th September. It will start at 10am and finish at 12 Noon. It will be online on the Zoom app.
If you have never used Zoom before and want to know how, People in Action made videos about how it works. Here is a link to the videos:

How do I join?

The meeting ID for the People’s Parliament is 971 8898 4857.
If you would like the password, please email our Asking You! team at [email protected]. Then, they will email it to you.
This meeting is for adults with learning disabilities who live in Leeds.