Advonet’s Focus Group will be holding its’ next meeting online for the first time next month. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will be hosting our meeting via Zoom. On Zoom, you can either take part via video or audio.
The Focus Group is where you can have your say on what Advonet does, where can do better and what you would like us to do going forward. This meeting will discuss:

  • How Advonet are responding to the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Collecting ideas for how advocacy can help people during and after the crisis

When is it?

The meeting is on Tuesday 5th May from 2pm to 3:30pm. It will be held on Zoom, which we will invite you to if you want to take part.
On Zoom, you can join in by:

  • Video call
  • Audio, with video turned off
  • Text chat

If you want to take part in our Focus Group via Zoom, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0113 244 0606. Then, we will call you back with a code or email you, sending you a link to join in the Zoom chat.