The Restraint, Seclusion and Segregation (RSS) Project is offering anyone who has experienced RSS in health and care settings the opportunity to share their story. To help with that, we have produced an Easy Read questionnaire, where you can contribute anonymously.
In the questionnaire, you can:

  • Say how, where and when you experienced RSS
  • Say why you fell it happened
  • Suggest changes to be made to make people feel safer
  • What the government can do to make things better

How to respond

To complete the questionnaire, you can download a copy in PDF and fill that in or complete an online version.
If filling in the PDF version, once you have completed it, you can email it to Ellen Dimuantes, RSS Project Coordinator at [email protected].
There are other ways to share your story. Anyone who wants more info is welcome to email the project or ring Ellen on 0113 244 0606, as we are open to any ways we can hear from people with lived experience of RSS, including carers and families, and the questionnaire is only one option.
All stories will be fully redacted and made confidential before they are seen by anyone else, including the CQC, Department of Health or other participants. The deadline for responses is Wednesday 11th December at 5pm.

Experts by Experience panel

We are also inviting people with experience of restraint, seclusion and segregation to meet in Leeds and sit on an expert panel, look at the stories, make recommendations, and lead the production of our independent report into RSS. Please get in touch with us if you would like to talk about joining the panel.