It’s all change at CHANGE. Over the summer, CHANGE has restructured. Its Board of Trustees are stepping down after 25 years of achievement to be replaced by the CHANGE committee, led by people with disabilities, ready for a new beginning within the Advonet Group.
From Thursday 3rd October, CHANGE will be based in the Unity Business Centre in the same building as Advonet. The team will be made up of two illustrators and two project workers. A new manager is currently being recruited.
CHANGE will continue to deliver projects which secure the rights of people with disabilities and help to make society more accessible and inclusive. They will remain a key partner in a number of projects with Advonet, including the LGBTQ+ Health Inclusion Project, Restraint, Seclusion and Segregation (RSS) Project and the Supported Decision Making training.

Save the date

On the afternoon of Thursday 7th November, at a Leeds venue, we will see:

  • A celebration to mark the many achievements of CHANGE throughout its 25 years as a standalone charity
  • A relaunch of new CHANGE, now an enterprise within the Advonet group. It will led by the CHANGE committee, which will be made up of disabled people

This will be a chance for supporters to help shape this new partnership, dedicated to securing the rights of people with disabilities and to making society more accessible and inclusive.
If you would like to find out more or be involved, you can contact Advonet: