On Friday 5th July, we launched a new Safeguarding Feedback project, asking for people to share their experience of the safeguarding process and suggest how it could improve. Around 35 people came, including people with lived experience, health and social care professionals and parents and carers.
During the event, we saw videos from Touchstone’s Safeguarding Group and Leep1’s members on the “Talk to Me, Hear My Voice” campaign. Both were really helpful, letting everyone know that people who’ve had safeguarding need to be heard.

Sharing thoughts

After that, we asked everyone to go into groups and answer five questions about what the project should do. The questions were:

  • How should we enable people to provide feedback?
  • When should we enable people to give their feedback?
  • What might the anxieties for practitioners or services be about the feedback process?
  • What might the anxieties for those receiving support be about the feedback process?
  • What questions should we ask?

To find out what people said in the groups, please click on the link below to download a PDF document:

Feedback from discussion groups

Get involved

We also asked people if they would like to get involved in the project. To do that, we have set up a Citizens Panel. The Panel will be made up of people with lived experience of safeguarding and will feed back what people have said to us to the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB).
If you would like to join the Panel or share your experience with us, please send an email to [email protected] or call us on 0113 244 0606.