Dear colleagues,
We are looking at forming a new, formal partnership under which Advonet and CHANGE will share organisational infrastructure and be in a stronger position together to deliver a barrier free, inclusive and just world. A world in which all adults are treated as adults, with every voice heard and every right respected.
After working on three projects in partnership, we have recognised how well our vision, mission and values complement each other. We are writing to inform you that following recent discussions, our respective Boards have decided to explore how the collaboration between our organisations might be put on a new footing.
At present, we are scoping what shape the partnership might take, how it might work and how it could support both Advonet and CHANGE to build on their current strengths, their visions for the future and their powerful legacies.
We expect to have further information on our partnership by the end of June. If you have any questions please, don’t hesitate to contact:

To find out more about CHANGE, look here:
To find out more about Advonet, look here
Kindest Regards
Joanne Kennedy (Co-Chair of CHANGE)
Cllr Peter Gruen (Chair of Advonet)