Advonet are looking for people who have used our services, or have an opinion about them, to take part in a new meeting. The meeting is called the Client Forum. It is for current and previous clients, plus anyone who has a view about what kind of advocacy service Leeds should offer.
It aims to:

  • Let you have your say on what Advonet does well
  • Let you have your say on what Advonet can do better
  • Share thoughts and ideas on what Advonet does in the future

They will happen every three months. The Client Forum will be held the day before Advonet’s Board of Trustees meets. Philip Gleeson, a Trustee for Advonet and Leeds Involving People, will be chairing the forum.
At the end of each Forum, a representative will be elected by whoever is there to feed back at the next Board meeting.

Get involved

The first Client Forum is on Monday 25th March from 2pm-4pm. It takes place in Room 16 of the Unity Business Centre. It is at the following address:
Room 16
Unity Business Centre
26 Roundhay Road
It is free to attend, plus we are able to reimburse bus fares for anyone who comes. Hot and cold drinks will be provided.
If you would like to attend or have more information on the Forum, please email us at [email protected].