The Leeds Advocacy Network, which Advonet is part of, and CHANGE would like to invite you to discuss creating a pilot for a supported decision making course. Together with people with learning disabilities, we want to co-produce and deliver a training course for support workers.
The course we are planning to run aims to:

  • Help support workers better support people with learning disabilities to make their own decisions
  • Look at the problems people with learning disabilities have when they use services and find ways to help or fix these problems
  • Support people with learning disabilities to work with other organisations and help improve the experience of people with learning disabilities living in Leeds

The course intends to use an advocacy approach to help people make their own decisions, by hearing what they have to say.

Steering group

To make the course happen, we are putting together a steering group. The group is made up of people with learning disabilities and organisations who work with them. This meeting is for anyone who wants to join the steering group.
The meeting takes place on Friday 15th February from 10am to 1pm. It is now being held at the Ramgarhia Sikh Sports Centre, which is at this address:
Ramgarhia Sikh Sports Centre
Chapeltown Road
If you would like to book a place, please email Philip at [email protected] or Claire at [email protected]. Places are limited, so the sooner you book, the better.