Bushra Javed, our Peer and Volunteer Advocacy Manager, attended an event in Leeds earlier this week around inclusion, speaking to people visiting from all over Europe. Here is what she wrote:

The Eurocities Roma Inclusion event was hosted by Leeds City Council and welcomed European delegates. It was held on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th September.
The key element of the event was to share the ambition of Leeds and explore the best of what Leeds has to offer to all its citizens. The study visit showcased the city’s work on Roma inclusion and demonstrated the achievements of both Roma and the services supporting them.
There was additional focus and discussions on the challenges of collecting data on Roma and safeguarding. The event ran over two days and I was present both days.
I spoke about Advocacy and how we have worked with the Roma and Eastern European communities. I then talked about the benefits of advocacy regarding safeguarding, as the relationship is a positive avenue for issues to be addressed and resolved.