We are celebrating Volunteers Week, which runs between the 1st and 7th June this year. To mark this special week, we will be publishing a blog post every day from one of our staff members who started out as a volunteer with Advonet.
Rosie Whitmore, Advocacy Manager for our Health Complaints Advocacy team, talks about how she started on her path to eventually becoming part of Advonet’s management.

What got you into volunteering with Advonet?

I started volunteering with Leeds Advocacy, which then merged into Advonet, back in 2012. I found out what they did and I was interested to find out more.
Advonet’s ethos is something that is close to my heart as I didn’t have a voice when I was growing up. Advonet empower people to be involved in decisions that effect their lives.

How did you feel about volunteering and what did you learn?

Straight away, I felt that I was becoming involved in something that would keep me interested and a place that cares about people and what path they take. Working here is like being with family; everyone is friendly and eager to help.

How did you move from volunteering into a paid role with Advonet?

I had a talk with one of the managers of the Learning Disability team. She explained what was available in terms of paid work, so I applied to be a sessional worker.
I was a parents’ advocate for a few years. I then applied for a job in the Health Complaints team and worked my way up. I am now the Advocacy Manager of the Health Complaints Team.

What would you say to someone who wants to volunteer with Advonet?

Coming to Advonet to volunteer will be one of the best moves you will make. Our company is a great place to work and everyone is friendly and approachable. You will be starting a journey to fulfil your own life, as well as others.