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We ran our latest EANS course, as we affectionately term it, on 15 and 22 June. Participants came from five organisations, with most coming from Leeds but this time we welcomed a couple of people from Bradford.
The course is an introduction to advocacy and amongst other things covers the following topics:

  • Skills and qualities of an advocate
  • Principles of advocacy, including statutory advocacy
  • Identifying situations suitable for advocacy
  • Difference between advocacy and other forms of help
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Understanding and applying the principles of negotiation
  • Negotiating successfully
  • Dealing with stalling tactics

The course is useful for people who want to find out about advocacy and how they can use it in their organisations. It is also free for organisations based in Leeds – keep an eye on our Training section (under Support For You) for the next training dates which we expect to be in early October.