Mental capacity advocacy
Accommodation on discharge from hospital

FB was on a ward in a psychiatric hospital. She was an informal patient and the decision was around change of accommodation. Her capacity fluctuated and there was a disagreement between the Responsible Clinician and the social worker on this capacity issue.
The IMCA (Independent Mental Capacity Advocate) attended the capacity assessment where she was deemed to have capacity. Consequently the IMCA pulled out, only for FB to lose capacity later on when reassessed and the IMCA became involved again. FB’s discharge was delayed and it was difficult to place her due to her mental and physical health issues. After several places were identified and rejected, finally a suitable placement was found.
The IMCA initially had to work hard to get a social worker on board and also had to voice strongly the things that mattered most to FB, for example, that she could smoke in the garden and have access to make her own drinks . Whilst this case was lengthy, the right placement was finally found for her. She is settled and happy, her needs are met.