A People First group

LEEP 1 stands for Leeds People 1st. The abbreviation makes the name seem shorter. It’s easy to say and easy to remember!
People First started in America. Now there are lots of People First groups in Britain. They are groups for people with a learning disability to speak up for themselves.
This is called self advocacy. Leep1 is run and managed by people with learning disabilities, we have many members who all have different roles and help Leep1 to be the thriving organisation it is today.
Our service enables people with learning disabilities to be in control of their own organisation and to fulfil their lives with meaningful and enjoyable activities, tailored for them.
At Leep1 we do a range of fun and interesting activities which help to develop social, health and educational skills.

Leep The Bridge:
Leep The Bridge is a club night

Leep The Bridge is a club night for people with a learning disability. It is run by Leep1 and The Bridge and takes place at Tiger Tiger in Leeds city centre. Club nights take place once a month and usually have themes so that people can dress up if they want to. In the past there have been themes like Abba, Hawaiian night, Cowboy and Indian, Rock and roll etc.