A free service for young people offering help to make complaints about their healthcare.

About the Service

Our Health Complaints Advocacy team can help anyone over the age of 11 who feels they have not had the service that they expected from the NHS and want to complain, using the NHS complaints process.

This involves providing information so you can pursue a complaint by yourself or giving you the support of an advocate who can help you to make your complaint.

What Does the Service Do

Our Health Complaints Advocates can help you to know your rights, by providing you with information about how the NHS complaints process works and what you can expect to achieve from making a complaint.

They can also help you feel more confident to make a complaint yourself which says what your feelings are about your NHS care and achieve your goals.

They can help you to make decisions about how you want to be supported to make a health complaint and about what you want to do next in the NHS complaints process. Our advocates will listen to your needs and make sure that the complaints process works for you.


Unit A3, Unity Business Centre,

26 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS7 1AB

Why might I want to complain and use an advocate to help me?

Self Help Information