Abilities Not Disabilities: A clothing brand with social purpose, run by Leep1.

About the Service

AND Clothes is a not-for-profit clothing brand with social purpose. We are a creative enterprise of Leep1 that supports our members to flourish and gain entrepreneurial and employment skills.

Our project provides a supportive space for people to flourish, grow as both individuals and business owners while improving mental health and wellbeing through the arts.

What Does the Service Do

We are here to change the way the world views people with a learning disability and to focus on what skills and innovation they bring. We want to end the negative public misconceptions they face and prove that it’s about what can be achieved and not what can’t.

The AND entrepreneurs are passionate and dedicated to giving themselves and other adults with learning disabilities around the world a voice, using our powerful #AbilitiesNotDisabilities message to end stigma, hate and inequality.

AND-Clothes give our members a platform to flourish and become the successes they deserve to be. We address the lack of employment opportunities facing people with learning disabilities and instil confidence and promote wellbeing through creative practice within the programme.

We support adults with learning disabilities to gain skills and experience in business, retail and marketing. Each year we work with 8 team members who help run and develop our clothing social enterprise.

The team receive support, vocational training and real-life work experience with the chance to gain paid employment within the programme itself. With the skills they learn at AND-Clothes they are also able to move into paid employment opportunities elsewhere if they choose to do so.


Leep1, Unit A1, Unity Business Centre,

26 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS7 1AB

Key Contact

Mandy Haigh, Leep1 Manager
[email protected]

Who is the Service For?

AND works with adults with learning disabilities who want to run their own enterprise.

To see what our AND project does, please watch this short video:

Further Information

How to Access the Service