Learning Disability Advocacy
Our service includes:

Crisis Advocacy

Crisis advocacy is about providing an immediate response to an urgent situation. For example someone with a learning disability may have a problem with housing which unresolved could lead to them becoming homeless.

Such crisis advocacy support would be put into place as quickly as possible and continue while circumstances were critical. The advocacy would stop once the crisis was over or resolved.

Parents with learning disabilities

The learning disability project supports parents with learning disabilities who have had their children removed from their care and placed into foster care.   We also supports parents whose children are still living with them in their home but are on the At Risk Register.  This means that Social Care have laid down guidelines for parents to follow and to put into practice to give parents a chance to keep their children at home.

The parents advocacy gives independent advocacy support to parents with a learning disability.  We support parents whose children are subject to care proceedings, with assessments and attending meetings in connection with their children.

Issue based advocacy

This is advocacy intervention offered to address a specific issue or situation and is not intended to be ongoing. It is not necessarily in a crisis situation and it may not be particularly short term but will exist for the time it takes to resolve the issue.

Citizen Advocacy

Based on the 1960’s civil rights movement in the USA, it involves an unpaid, trained citizen volunteer, who, with the support of an independent organisation represents the interests of the client/service user. It is a one to one relationship between the advocate and the ‘Partner’.

The commitment and loyalty of the advocate must be to the ‘Partner’ and when an advocate speaks for and with people who are not being heard, helping them to express their own views and make their own decisions.

Citizen advocates are usually matched with a ‘Partner’ over a longer period of time in order for the relationship to grow.

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