Leeds Autism AIM’s COVID-19 Toolkit

Date published: Thursday 23rd April 2020

Leeds Autism AIM’s COVID-19 Toolkit

Advonet’s Leeds Autism AIM team has produced a toolkit of online resources for autistic people to help them manage during the COVID-19 crisis. The toolkit was created by the Leeds Autism AIM staff team, the majority of whom are autistic themselves.

Inside the toolkit, you will find:

  • A COVID-19 Autism Alert Card, for use on smartphones to explain why you’re outside during lockdown
  • Daily, weekly and monthly planners
  • A weekly meal planner
  • A weekly staying at home planner
  • A daily self-care plan
  • Information sheets on areas such as self-care, online mental health support and online fitness and craft classes
  • Blog posts from the AIM team on topics such as remote communication and processing information

Where can I find the toolkit?

It is available at this link on the Leeds Autism AIM website: Leeds Autism AIM COVID-19 Toolkit. To download the planners, alert card or info sheets, just click on the links.

If you have any questions about the toolkit, please email the AIM team at leedsautismaim@advonet.org.uk.

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