Talk to Me, Hear My Voice: Hear My Safeguarding Story

Talk to Me, Hear My Voice: Hear My Safeguarding Story

This project is led by The Advonet Group and the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board.

Safeguarding Adults involves helping people at risk of abuse, neglect or self-neglect to protect themselves.

Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board have asked The Advonet Group, an independent advocacy charity, to collect people’s stories of safeguarding in Leeds.

Your Story

We would like to hear your experience of safeguarding in Leeds. What was good and what could have been better?

We do not need, and will not ask for, your personal details. If you choose to give us your personal details, they will not be used when we share your stories with the Safeguarding Adults Board.

The Safeguarding Adults Board will only use your stories to improve people’s experience of safeguarding in the future.

Who is the project for?

The Safeguarding Feedback Project is for:

  • People in Leeds who have experience of being under safeguarding
  • Parents, carers and partners of people with experience of safeguarding

Get involved!

There are lots of ways to tell us about your experiences:

There are other ways for you to give feedback, depending on how you communicate.


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