Our trustees

Our Trustees


Emma Williams | Treasurer

More information on Emma will follow shortly.

Reinhard Beck Trustee

Reinhard Beck | Trustee

I have lived in Leeds for most of my adult life, having studied History and Politics at Lancaster University. In 1990 I became a citizens’ advocate for a new charity called Leeds Advocacy (one of the organisations which previously co-managed Advonet) which had been created to help people in Leeds with learning difficulties have more say about their lives and what happened to them.

I have always felt that my contribution as an advocate and as a member of the board of ‘Advonet’ was the desire to build something that would last for people who needed it the most.

Kirti Tandel Trustee

Kirti Tandel | Trustee

An MBA with an Electronics & Telecommunication engineering degree under my belt, I have previously worked in various roles in multi-national corporations, managing complex IT projects, across several industry verticals. My current role involves working for a healthcare consulting firm in Leeds, with global leaders in the life sciences and healthcare industry, developing implementing and commercialising innovative healthcare solutions.

I have been associated with Advonet for more than two years now and have really enjoyed working with the team. Besides work, I am very passionate about sports and have been playing for East Leeds Cricket Club in first division leagues for almost four years.

Ivan Nip Trustee

Ivan Nip | Trustee

I’ve worked in the Local Authority and Higher Education sector for over 20 years, and I am currently working for Kirklees Council as a Structural Engineer. I joined Advocacy Support (one of the organisations which previously co-managed Advonet) as a board member in 2003 and took up the Vice Chairperson role from 2006.

I believe in social cohesion, inclusion, equality and harmony. I fully embrace the values of Advonet in removing language, cultural, economic and social barriers to ethnic minority groups in the UK; in empowering minority groups in scrutiny of institutional inequality, disproportional social exclusion and in promotion of equal access to public services. I am also a governor of a primary school and a further education college.

Arash Manouchehri Trustee

Arash Manouchehri | Trustee

I left university in Iran with a Masters in English and from there joined my family’s marketing business which is within the wholesale food industry. We also have an IT & Telecommunication services arm. I was a part of the management team and partially because of my skill with language (I am multi-lingual), I represented the company at trade fairs and markets all over the world for over 20 years.

A change of circumstances found me staying in the UK in 2013 and I have been in Leeds since 2014. From this time I have tried to give what I can to support anyone in need. I am part of several organisations where I am happy to give of my time as an Interpreter and/or Caseworker. As well as Advonet, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the British Red Cross where I work with the Refugee Service.

I am also a member of Amnesty International Leeds. In Iran I grew to feel very strongly in equality of all, regardless of culture, nationality, faith, gender or ability. It was a code I took with me into my professional work and well as socially. This ethic remains as strong today. I always try to live and work with compassion, understanding and empathy.

Helen Bradley Chair

Helen Bradley | Chair

I am currently Chair of Advonet and my day job is Director of Resources at KeyRing Living Support Networks. My background is HR and I have over 20 years’ experience in that field.

Having worked for an organisation, for the last nine years, who are at the forefront of doing things differently and supporting people to live good lives, I understand the need out there among the community.

For that reason, Advonet is an additional passion of mine, as it gives voice to people who otherwise may not be heard. The people at Advonet are truly some of the most dedicated and dogged I have ever come across, and the service the organisation provides in the city of Leeds is invaluable.

Sabine Dufeutrelle Trustee

Sabine Dufeutrelle | Trustee

As an ex- service user, being a trustee and part of Boards is a way of me helping people to help themselves and for me to give something back. Over the past 11 years, I have been involved in lots of organisations. My first role was on the Board of Sure Start where I was Vice Chairperson.

Since then, I’ve been involved in lots of Boards, been a Service User Consultant on the Positive Pathways Board and become a Touchstone employee, as a Service User Consultant. I enjoyed meeting a range of different people whilst on the Advocacy For Mental Health & Dementia Board (one of the organisations which previously co-managed Advonet) and making fresh links. I will put my hand to most things as I like new challenges, learning new things and helping others to get to where they want to be.

Ralph Porter Vice Chair

Ralph Porter | Vice Chair

I left Blackburn for University in Swansea in 1969 and liked Wales so much that I stayed until 1978, getting married to a Welsh girl along the way. I moved to Leeds in 1978 to take up a post with Leeds City Council and the City is now very much home. I worked for the City Council until taking early retirement in 2009, working in Arts Venue Management latterly at the Carriageworks Theatre and Leeds Town Hall.

Since retiring, we visit Australia fairly frequently as both my sons live there and so I am still working on a casual/part-time basis to help fund the trips. I became involved in Leeds Advocacy (one of the organisations which previously co-managed Advonet) over 20 years ago and have had a number of long-term advocacy partners.

I was a director and chair of Leeds Advocacy for many years and am enjoying working with the Advonet board to build on our past achievements to create a successful and expanding organisation.

Mao Yip Trustee

Mao Yip | Trustee

I am an open-minded, friendly and loyal person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake. I am working for Leeds City Council currently with the role of enforcement on housing standard issues. I am a graduate with over 20 years’ of experience in Environmental Health and the expertise in areas such as food hygiene, disabled facilities and acoustics.


Hazel Woodcock | Trustee

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Sharon Elley | Trustee

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Phil Gleeson | Trustee

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