What we do

Our Vision
What we envisage to become

Advonet’s visions is to be a leading voluntary sector organisation working across a wide range of communities, enabling individuals to thrive and feel empowered through inclusion and integration, with individuals being heard and feeling in control of their life choices.
Advonet provides independent advocacy services
Advonet provides independent advocacy services

Our Mission
What we’d like to accomplish through our work

Our mission is to ensure that all people attain their full rights and entitlements, improve their well-being and thrive as active members of the community. We accomplish this by supporting clients to communicate their needs and fully understand what is available to them. We recognise that working in partnership with other agencies to deliver advocacy, engage with communities and inuence service provision is an essential strategy to achieve our mission. Advocates guide individual clients through this process, aiming to develop awareness and understanding, together with the condence and skills that will help clients move towards independence in dealing with service providers and community participation. We will work to strengthen and empower individuals, families and communities. We will champion and inspire positive change in service provision.

Our Values
What we are like on the inside

Our values dictate the way in which we think, work and see the world, and form the heart of Advonet:

Client Empowerment

We value the life experience and viewpoints of people who are often ignored; people who struggle to form or express a viewpoint.

We will ensure that all funding and contractual agreements protect our ability to provide independent advocacy and that any other services we provide do not present a conflict of interest for individuals or the organisation.

Integrity and Passion
We will work with honesty and reliability, recognise and enjoy the trust of our clients and partners, and when appropriate, work with complete confidentiality. We always bring great passion and belief to our work and relationships.

Advonet embraces and promotes equality on all levels: opportunities, access, understanding and respect for everyone regardless of their background.

We will promote diversity within Advonet. We acknowledge, celebrate and nurture the experiences, skills, backgrounds and life choices of staff, volunteers, clients and partners.

We operate in an open and transparent manner and are accountable to our clients, employees, volunteers and external stakeholders.

Creative and Responsive
Advonet is responsive to the changing or emerging needs of our clients, finding innovative ways to meet them.

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